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SmartPhos Environmental


Leading the Industry in Phosphorus Innovation: SmartPhos DG® 4-22-0 Fertilizer

Phosphorus in traditional fertilizers has the potential to leach or tie-up in the soil. Learn how our patented SmartPhos® technology ensures a highly plant-available, slow-release phosphorus feeding.

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Irrigation In Lawn


Beat the Heat With Hydra Charge™

Hydra Charge™ helps save on time, labor and utility costs by aiding in water penetration and retention into the soil profile. Help your lawn stand up to the stress caused by increased temperatures and drought-like conditions.

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Stressed Drought Lawn


Carbon's Role in Summer Stress Management

The difference between Humic DG, BioChar DG and HumiChar and how all three products can help your lawn beat the heat.

Carbon Coat Model


Introducing CarbonCoat™ Technology

With innovation at the core of everything we do, The Andersons developed CarbonCoat™ Technology - a patented manufacturing process to bond fertilizer granules with a humic acid coating.

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Woman Watering Lawn Grub Damage


Grub Treatments vs. Preventatives

By understanding the differences between grub treatments and preventatives, homeowners can effectively manage grub infestations and maintain a healthy, vibrant lawn.

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