Delivering a superior product goes beyond developing the most beneficial formulas and sourcing the highest quality ingredients. Here are the top 3 reasons The Andersons is known as a leader in lawncare innovation.

Professional-Grade Particle Size

To be effective, lawn care products must provide full coverage and be applied evenly. Big box retail lawn products contain large and uneven particles that aren’t as easy to work with and can deliver unpredictable results. With the small particle size of The Andersons’ products, you will achieve more than two times the coverage of conventional lawn care products for more precise applications and reliable results.

Patented DG Technology

Particle size is not the only feature that makes The Andersons’ products professional grade. They are also made with our patented Dispersing Granule (DG) Technology. Upon contact with water, the particles break down into thousands of microparticles. Those microparticles are then able to move into the soil and root zone where they are best utilized by your lawn. Other granular products made without DG Technology tend to sit above the thatch layer where they are at greater risk of being damaged or picked up through mowing, heavy rain, and foot traffic.

75 Years of Expertise

The Andersons is a trustworthy partner and operates with integrity. We offer innovative, focused solutions and deliver on our promises. Most importantly, we focus on our valued customers by providing extraordinary service, just as we have always done since 1947. With our USA made products, we are proud to celebrate 75 years and look forward to many more years serving our valued customers with top-quality products and forward-thinking solutions.

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