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Humic DG™

Organic Soil Amendment

  • Carbon soil amendment – increases soil carbon and soil organic matter
  • Highly concentrated 70% humic content (A&L method). Feeds beneficial soil microbes by providing a key food source, carbon
  • Chelates nutrients to increase nutrient and fertilizer efficiency; increases nutrient absorption
  • Improves seed germination, root mass, root vigor and overall root and plant health
  • Environmentally friendly, OMRI listed. User friendly; can be blended with fertilizers, alongside any fertilizer program or used alone
  • Highest quality of humate source
  • Proven products made in the USA 75 Years of expertise
  • Humic DG is available in pallet quantities - For 40 lb. Humic DG there are 35 bags per pallet - For 11 lb. Humic DG there are 108 bags per pallet
  • Not for sale in SD


Humic DG is an organic, carbon-based soil amendment that is highly concentrated and contains 70% fulvic acid, humic acid and humin. It is made using The Andersons patented, Dispersible Granule (DG) technology. Upon contact with water, each Humic DG granule disperses into thousands of micro particles that move directly into the root zone and provide immediate benefits to the soil and plant.

Humic DG can benefit all soil types and reduce watering requirements. In sandy soils, it increases water holding capacity and decreases evaporation. In clay and other compact soils, it enables deeper water and root penetration.

Analysis 70% Humic Acid
Package Sizes 11 lbs, 40 lbs
Coverage Up to 11,000 sqft (11 lb) | Up to 40,000 sqft (40 lb)

Humic DG can be applied to all soil and turf types in any growing stage. It can also be used in gardens and flower beds. Humic DG can be applied on its own or blended into other granular applications. For best results, mow prior to applying and water in thoroughly. Avoid applying Humic DG before heavy rainfall as particles risk being washed away.

Some situations will require higher use rates and/or more frequent applications.


Apply 1-2 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. anytime during the growing season.


Apply 1-2 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. anytime during the growing season.


Apply 2-8 oz. as a band around the base of each tree or shrub. Larger trees and shrubs should use the higher rate.


Mix in 2-10 lbs. per cubic yard of potting mix.

The spreader settings for this product were established using standard equipment available from the spreader manufacturer at swath widths and speeds typically used within the industry. Many variables such as walking speed, terrain, particle size, density, and spreader condition can affect these settings. Spreader settings are intended as a guide and unit calibration should still be performed to ensure proper application rates. They are not intended to replace calibration. The Andersons recommends the use of broadcast spreader for its products.

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