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Organic Soil Amendment

  • Improves soil health, lawn health, plant health, and reduce the use of fertilizers
  • Easy to apply spherical, uniform, low dust formulation
  • Dispersible Granule, or "DG" Technology is The Andersons' patented nutrient delivery system. With DG Technology, particles are more rapidly and efficiently broken down
  • Environmentally friendly, OMRI listed. User friendly; can be blended with fertilizers, alongside any fertilizer program or used alone
  • HumiChar is an organic, carbon-based soil amendment
  • Contains 30% high-quality humic acid and 43% granulated biochar
  • Provides the benefit of quickly-available humic acid and the long-term soil building qualities of the biochar that lasts for decades
  • Proven products made in the USA 75 Years of expertise
  • HumiChar is available in pallet quantities - There are 35 bags per pallet
  • Not for sale in CA, OR


HumiChar is an organic, carbon-based soil amendment containing 30% high-quality humic acid and 43% granulated biochar. This combination of material provides the benefit of the quickly available humic acid, and the long-term soil building qualities of the biochar that will last for decades. Both humic and biochar add carbon into the soil and increase microbial activity, resulting in greater nutrient holding in the soil and better processing in the plant.

HumiChar features Dispersible Granule (DG) Technology, which allows particles to disperse when watered. The DG Technology helps the humic acid, and especially the biochar, move past the thatch layer of your lawn or the mulch in your garden bed, and into the soil without any raking, digging, or tilling. Other products with biochar have chunks of organic material that are dusty and messy. These products have to be worked into the soil to reach the root zone and be effective.

Analysis 30% Humic Acid + 43% Biochar
Package Sizes 40 lbs
Coverage Up to 12,000 sqft (12 lb) | Up to 40,000 sqft (40 lb)

HumiChar can be applied to all soil and turf types in any growing stage. It can also be used in gardens and flower beds. HumiChar can be applied on its own or blended into other granular applications. For best results, mow prior to applying and water in thoroughly. Avoid applying HumiChar before heavy rainfall as particles risk being washed away.

Some situations will require higher use rates and/or more frequent applications.

Apply 1-2 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. anytime during the growing season.


Apply 1-2 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. anytime during the growing season.


Apply 2-8 oz. as a band around the base of each tree or shrub. Larger trees and shrubs should use the higher rate.


Mix in 2-10 lbs. per cubic yard of potting mix.

The spreader settings for this product were established using standard equipment available from the spreader manufacturer at swath widths and speeds typically used within the industry. Many variables such as walking speed, terrain, particle size, density, and spreader condition can affect these settings. Spreader settings are intended as a guide and unit calibration should still be performed to ensure proper application rates. They are not intended to replace calibration. The Andersons recommends the use of broadcast spreader for its products.

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