Even five star lawns can suffer from summer stress. The Andersons Hydra Charge™ Biosolid Fertilizer Plus Surfactant can help your lawn thrive this summer, saving you time, labor and utility costs. Hydra Charge™ is a professional-grade 4-2-0 biosolid lawn fertilizer with dual surfactant technology that is designed to feed the lawn while aiding in water retention and water penetration into the soil profile.

How Does it Work?

Whether you have an established lawn or are seeding a new lawn, using Hydra Charge™ will build up your lawn's water retention and penetration capabilities to help your lawn stand up to the stress caused by increased temperatures and drought-like conditions. Also helping prevent localized dry spots in the lawn.

Hydra Charge™ includes both a penetrant surfactant (block copolymer) and a water-holding surfactant (polyacrylamide). The more often Hydra Charge™ is applied, the more the two surfactants included in this product will be present in the soil to provide increased water retention and penetration capabilities. The recommended application rate of 8.0 lbs./1,000 sq. ft. applies 7.04 oz. of surfactant per 1,000 sq. ft..

Hydra Charge™ also contains slow- and quick-release nitrogen, and iron for extra greening.

How, Where, When to Apply?

Hydra Charge™ is safe for use on all turf types during the growing season. Apply to dry turf and water in thoroughly after application.

For maximum effectiveness, reapply every 30-37 days for sandy/difficult soils, and 37-51 days for all other soils. Dependent on local weather or soil conditions, applications may be made on shorter intervals.

It is ideal to use Hydra Charge™ during periods of drought, water restrictions or to avoid high water costs.

If necessary, Hydra Charge™ can be applied alongside another fertilizer to promote healthy growth.

The results

Hydra Charge™ is designed to feed the lawn while aiding in water retention and water penetration into the soil profile, and make root zone moisture more uniform. Having soil with a higher water-holding capacity allows your lawn to avoid getting localized dry spots, which would ultimately break up the uniformity of your lawn with bare patches. Better water retention also helps you cut down on water bills, and helps you save on time and labor with not having new bare spots to fill with seed.

If you have specific concerns about your lawn or questions about a product, our customer service team is available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm EST to help. Contact us, message us via Chat, or call (877) 474-8262.