Gardening seems to increase in popularity more and more each year – and it’s easy to see why. A calming and rewarding hobby, gardening can be enjoyed by anyone. Especially now with container gardening and access to space in community gardens for those who live in urban or other areas where outdoor space is limited. And, with organic and toxin-free lifestyles on the rise, gardening helps satisfy consumers’ desires to know where their food comes from and how it’s made. Interested in starting your own garden? Getting a high yield from your garden doesn’t have to be complicated, just focus on these three factors.

1. Placement

You’ll want to consider your plant’s specific needs before settling on an area to sow your seeds or place your containers. How much light do they require? How much room does each plant need as it grows? And, when planning the sheer size of your garden, you’ll also want to consider how much time you want to dedicate towards working in your garden – watering, weeding, pruning, fertilizing, and harvesting. Keeping your plot size manageable will keep gardening enjoyable.

2. Soil Quality
You’ll need nutrient dense, well-draining soil if you want your garden to flourish. With applications of organic soil amendments like Humic DG, BioChar DG and HumiChar (a mixture of humic and biochar), you can enhance your soil profile. The Humic DG provides immediate benefits, feeding the healthy soil microbes and ensuring that your plants can utilize nutrients appropriately when you fertilize. The BioChar DG only has an immediate benefit if you’re starting your garden from seedlings as the kerrikins in biochar will help speed up their germination. Otherwise, biochar lasts in the soil for decades, changing its profile over time which could be helpful if your plot is in the ground and you plan to use the same location for years to come.

Dirt Booster Plus
, a super compost starter and soil amendment, is another product that can help you achieve nutrient dense soil. Dirt Booster contains microbials, biochar, humic acid, corn distillates and molasses. Dirt Booster has specific, yet easy to follow, application instructions you’ll want to follow. When all is said and done, adding Dirt Booster to your garden will feed the good microbes, bacteria and fungi in your soil to create ideal growing conditions that will last all season long.

3. Nutrition
Feeding your plants will help them become stronger and healthier, resulting in a bountiful, thriving garden all summer long. Fortify Organics 10-2-8 provides instant feeding for fruits, vegetables, and gardens while containing all-natural ingredients and organic nutrient sources. The Fortify Organics 10-2-8 formula includes micronutrients and humic acid to boost both plants and soil. It can be reapplied every 7-14 days.

Another option for garden fertilizer is Mittleider Magic 13-8-13. Mittleider Magic is designed to provide a properly balanced nutrient package when applied weekly and is perfect for small gardens or soil beds. It minimizes gardening time and effort while creating uniform growth and healthy plants.

    Having a successful garden and creating your own food source isn’t complicated. Just focus on picking the right location, take care of your soil, and fertilize… It's really that simple! If you have questions on the recommendations provided here or run into any issue while growing your garden, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team.