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Ready to kick your curb appeal up a notch? We have all the professional-grade products and agronomical support you need to make that happen. Here's what you can expect when shopping The Andersons Home & Garden:

- All sales are backed by our satisfaction guarantee
- Free shipping on orders over $50
- Formulas used by turf professionals around the world
- Products designed to perform and made with patented technology
- Products proudly made in the USA

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"PGF Complete is by far the best product on the market for a well-rounded fertilizer. I've used comparable golf-course quality products from other companies, but none have as good of an effect as this one. Highly recommend."
- Justin L. Georgia

"This is my 2nd year using DuoCide and I LOVE it! Easy to apply, and once watered in, it starts working immediately. If you are having any sort of insect issue, by the next morning they have risen to the top of the lawn and are dead/dying. Great stuff, highly recommended!"
- Erica M. Georgia

We have very sandy soil and before beginning to use HumiChar on a regular basis it did not hold moisture as well as it does now, giving nourishment to the lawn. Used in conjunction with other Andersons products we have been successful in getting a more green and full lawn to enjoy."
- Paul K. North Carolina

Southern lawn - Bryan Cornett


To help make lawn care easier, we've developed Warm Season and Cool Season Lawn Care Calendars to help guide what you should apply and when based on your location. Each step is designed to promote a thick and healthy lawn, and to counteract anything thrown your lawn’s way, such as stress, disease, grubs, and more.

Calendars should be used as a guide. Depending on your specific conditions from year to year and your own unique lawn’s needs, the steps and timing can be modified or altered. If you have questions or would like more guidance, a member of our team would be happy to help. Use the website chat or call 877-474-8262.

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Perfect for the homeowner new to DIY lawn care, The Andersons Lawn Care Program makes obtaining and maintaining a beautiful lawn easy. With just four applications, your lawn care needs will be covered for the entire growing season. The complete program can be safely used on northern and southern turf types (with the exception of dichondria and carpet grass). You'll get 10 to 20% savings when purchasing as a full program!

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