Cool Season Zone

If you live in the North, you most likely have cool season grass. Common cool season grass types include Kentucky Bluegrass, Annual Ryegrass, Perennial Ryegrass, Fine Fescue, Tall Fescue, Creeping Bentgrass, or a blend of these various grass types. Cool season grasses thrive where the temperatures stay around 65 to 80 degrees during most of the growing season. See the map below to see where cool season grasses are.

It is important to keep up with proper maintenance to have your lawn continue looking its best. Take out the guess work by following the Cool Season Lawn Care Calendar provided below. Each step is designed to promote a thick and healthy lawn, and to counteract anything thrown your lawn’s way, such as stress, disease, grubs, and more. The steps and timing laid out in the calendar should be used as a guide and depending on your specific conditions from year to year and your own unique lawn’s needs, the steps and timing can be modified or altered.

Transition Zone

The states that fall between the cool and warm season zones are in the "transition zone". This is where having a blend of both warm and cool season grasses is common. We recommend those who live in this zone to follow both the cool and warm season lawn care calendars. You can view the Warm Season Lawn Care Calendar here.

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