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Governor® G

Growth Regulator

  • Reduces grass growth by up to 50%
  • Redirects grass growth energy into roots, promoting lateral growth
  • Improves the health, density, durability, and color of your lawn
  • Provides results in as little as five days
  • Effective on cool- and warm-season grass types
  • Made in the USA
  • Governor G is available in pallet quantities - There are 45 bags per pallet
  • Not for sale in CA


Governor G Granular Plant Growth Regulator is designed to reduce grass growth by up to 50%, allowing for less mowing and maintenance. The product works by redirecting grass growth energy into the roots, promoting lateral growth. This redirection of energy results in the improved health, density, durability, and color of your lawn. Providing results in as little as five days, this professional-grade, easy-to-apply granular formulation is effective on both cool and warm season turf.

For best results, refer to the HOW TO USE section below for complete application recommendations, as this product requires a fair amount of attention to detail.

Analysis 0.15% Trinexapac-ethyl
Package Sizes 34 lbs
Coverage Up to 20,000 sq ft

- Governor G should not be applied unless irrigation is installed and water is plentiful.
- Governor G should be applied only when your lawn is healthy and well fed, and has been cut recently.
- Use an online square footage calculator to make sure you know the exact square footage of your lawn. Guessing could result in under- or over-application.
- Identify whether you have cool season (Kentucky bluegrass, fine fescue, ryegrass, etc.) or warm season (Bermuda, zoysia, St. Augustine, etc.) grass. This will determine your application rates, which vary significantly between the two.
- Whenever possible, weigh out the amount of product required.
- Avoid any corrective chemical applications such as weed killers both before and after application. Any damage from these will be slow to grow out.

- Applying in early morning can help with transferring the active ingredient to the plant. This is not required, just a best practice.
- Avoid cutting for at least 48 hours to avoid bagger pick-up or movement.
- Do not water in
- Apply every 4 weeks for continued control through the growing season. If heavy growth is seen sooner, apply earlier.
- Stop all applications 60 days prior to cold weather or frost that will cause grass to go dormant.

The spreader settings for this product were established using standard equipment available from the spreader manufacturer at swath widths and speeds typically used within the industry. Many variables such as walking speed, terrain, particle size, density, and spreader condition can affect these settings. Spreader settings are intended as a guide and unit calibration should still be performed to ensure proper application rates. They are not intended to replace calibration. The Andersons recommends the use of broadcast spreader for its products.

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