Dirt Booster Plus has a new look! Don't worry, it's the same, great product you're used to!

Dirt Booster Plus is an all-natural compost starter and soil amendment for gardens and lawns. Dirt Booster Plus contains microbials, biochar, humic acid, corn distillates and molasses. Full of nutrients and good soil microbes, using Dirt Booster will increase soil fertility, organic matter, and nutrient holding capability. Dirt Booster Plus can be used in gardens to create super compost and is safe to apply to all lawns. Here's how John Zimmers, superintendent of the Inverness Club, used Dirt Booster Plus to prepare the course for the Solheim cup.


Dirt Booster Plus can be used with regular garden soil, but for best results it should be used with a manure compost. As a compost starter, Dirt Booster Plus yields results in 7 to 12 days working much faster than traditional composting methods. Microbes and fungi won't become active at low temperatures so make sure the manure or soil is warm by letting it sit in the sun for a few hours prior to beginning the application process.

Establish a work area and begin making your pile. First, put down a layer of manure compost. Then, sprinkle Dirt Booster Plus on top. Repeat this process until pile is at desired size. Wet the pile lightly with a hose and allow it to sit for 5 to 10 minutes before mixing the pile thoroughly and shaping it into a pyramid. At this time, the entire pile should feel moist but not wet. Once in a pyramid, gently make a hole from the top to bottom using a pole or a stick. Let the pyramid sit.
Let your pile site for 2-3 days. Within 24 hours the microbial digestion will start and the pile will heat up as high as 130° F. You may see a white haze that looks like mold. This is good.

Do not plant directly in Dirt Booster Plus compost as this material will be very high in nutrients and doing so could result in burning. Instead, mix Dirt Booster Plus compost into your garden.

Dirt Booster vs. None

The Image below shows the same seeds at 3 weeks. The only difference is that Dirt Booster Plus was added to the soil on the left. This resulted in 2-3 times the growth and much better plant health.


One 20 lb. bag of Dirt Booster Plus will cover roughly 4,000 to 5,000 sqft.. Set your broadcast spreader so the opening is roughly 3/16" and apply. Water in thoroughly after application. Use alongside any fertilizer program or use alone. Dirt Booster Plus can used as often as every other week during the growing season and when temperatures are 70 degrees and above.