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Super Juice™ 14-2-4

Lawn Supplement/Fertilizer

  • Designed to be used as a supplement to a fertilizer program
  • The first all-in-one, complete, balanced, lawn fertilizer available in a dry, soluble granule
  • Provides fast results and deep greening
  • Treats up to two acres with half-rate application
  • Provides a full nutrition package plus humic acid and sea kelp
  • New Improved Formula with 4% Iron! - Super Juice 14-2-4 formula also includes humic acid and micronutrients
  • Super Juice is available in pallet quantities - There are 32 bags per pallet
  • Not for sale in CA


Super Juice represents the first all-in-one, complete, balanced, lawn fertilizer that comes in a dry mix designed to be sprayed on the lawn. Super Juice was designed to be used as a supplement to your current fertilizer program. This is especially helpful when fast results are needed, such as during the spring months. Golf courses have used liquid supplemental fertilizers for decades in a method called spoon feeding.

It’s not magic, it's just a simple blend of all the nutrients your lawn needs in a dry mix/spray supplement. This allows you to treat every blade of grass with a mild dosage of nutrients. Because Super Juice is applied as a spray, many of the nutrients will start to be absorbed into the grass via foilar uptake in as little as 1-4 hours. That means no more waiting weeks and weeks for the results from a typical slow-release, granular fertilizer.

Analysis 14-2-4 + Micronutrients and Humic Acid
Package Sizes 13 lbs
Coverage Up to 43,560 sq ft.

Application timing varies with the season and the weather. In the spring, you can push your lawn, with applications every 2-3 weeks. During the summer, applications should be spaced out to every four weeks. In the fall, applications can range anywhere from 2-4 weeks.

The only thing you don't want to have happen is to spray your lawn in the dead of summer and then have burning hot sun beat down on it all day along. That’s true with just about any type of treatment. We typically recommend early-evening treatments when applying in the heat of the summer followed by light irrigation the next morning. In the spring and fall, this usually is not a concern. Having the liquid stay moist also helps absorption via foliar absorption, so early evening applications may see better results.


The amount of water used is not as important as how much of the fertilizer is actually getting to the ground. One cup of Super Juice dry mix will treat up to 3000 sq ft in the 7-1-2 ratio. At the stronger 14-2-4 ratio, that same one cup will cover up to 1500 sq ft. At the 7-1-2 ratio, each bag of Super Juice provides coverage for up to two acres.

We recommend using more water than less. When you use more water, you can slow down the spraying process and your walk rate, and really soak the grass and soil. This way you’ll not only have foliage covered, but some of the nutrients will actually reach the soil and upper roots. This is also a good rule to keep in mind during hot periods. Using more water and slowing down your walk rate while spraying puts down a less concentrated liquid, even though the same amount of dry mix is being applied to the same square footage.

For a 12,000 sq ft lawn, add four cups of dry mix to a bucket, then add your water. Because you've mixed-in four cups (enough to provide coverage for 12,000 sq ft), it does not matter if you add one gallon of water or five gallons of water, as long as all of the mixed liquid is applied to the 12,000 square feet.

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