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Lean & Green™ 2-0-0

Lawn Supplement/Fertilizer

  • The Andersons Lean & Green™ 2-0-0 contains 10% iron for extra deep greening with limited top growth
  • Ideal for summer applications when turf is becoming dull from stress
  • Designed to be used as a supplement to a fertilizer program
  • Can be used on all turf types
  • Has a cumulative response in turf - For best results, reapply every 4 weeks
  • Quick-release nitrogen source
  • *Be sure to sweep misplaced product from driveways and sidewalks as it will stain
  • Lean & Green™ is available in pallet quantities - For 40 lb. there are 35 bags per pallet. For 18 lb. there are 77 bags per pallet
  • Made in the USA


The Andersons Lean & Green™ 2-0-0 is a professional-grade lawn iron supplement designed to deepen and intensify your lawn's color without contributing to excessive top growth. It is safe for use on all turf types and can be applied any time during the growing season, but is especially beneficial in the summer when lawns tend to turn yellow as a result of stress. Other lawn iron supplements use ferric oxide (Fe3+) as their iron source. The availability of Fe3+ is highly dependent on the soil pH, and is mostly available in acidic soils (pH of less than 7). For each one unit in pH rise, Fe3+ availability reduces 1,000 fold! The iron source in Lean & Green™ is ferrous sulfate (Fe2+), a highly plant available form of iron that is not impacted by soil pH ranges. This is especially beneficial considering most iron deficiencies occur in high pH soils.

Lean & Green™ can be applied in conjunction with another fertilizer at the time of application and with fertilizer programs.

Analysis 2-0-0 with 10% Iron
Package Sizes 18 lbs, 40 lbs
Coverage 5,000 sqft. (18lb.) | 10,000 sqft. (40lb.)

- Lean & Green™ 2-0-0 is safe for all turf types. It should be applied when turf is actively growing. Do not apply during periods of extended drought unless irrigation is available and used.
- Apply product to dry foliage.
- Important - Due to the iron content in this formula, particles left on driveways and sidewalks will leave stains. Be sure to sweep stray particles back onto your lawn.
- Immediately water in with a minimum of 0.2 inches.

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