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GrubOut Plus Lawn Food 17-0-3

Insect Control & Fertilizer

  • The Andersons GrubOut Plus Lawn Food 17-0-3 is a fertilizer and insecticide in one
  • A single application feeds the turf while preventing damage from grubs, ants, mole crickets, beetles, mites, chinch bugs, and more
  • Works best when applied before the targeted pests hatch but can be applied anytime during the growing season
  • Safe for use on Kentucky bluegrass, bentgrass, fescue, ryegrass, bahia, bermuda, carpetgrass, centipede, St. Augustine, zoysia, buffalograss and kikuyugrass, as well has landscaped areas
  • Made in the USA
  • GrubOut Plus Lawn Food is available in pallet quantities - For 18 lb. bags there are 77 bags per pallet - For 40 lb. bags there are 35 bags per pallet
  • Not for sale in CA, CO, ME, MA, NJ, NM, NY, OR, PA, VT


The Andersons GrubOut Plus Lawn Food 17-0-3 prevents turf damage by killing grubs and mole crickets when they are newly hatched and before they can cause turf damage, while simultaneously feeding your lawn to achieve and maintain thick and green grass.

This product works best when applied before grubs and crickets hatch, but reapplications will help with insect control all season long. When applying before the targeted pests hatch, these newly hatched insects are highly susceptible to this product and are eliminated before they become large enough to cause turf damage. GrubOut Plus Lawn Food 17-0-3 can also be used to control other common lawn pests like ants, mites and ticks. See the label for the complete list of controlled pests.

This product is safe for use in all turf types and in landscaped ornamental areas containing flowers, ground covers, shrubs and trees.

Analysis Imidacloprid, Lambda-cyhalothrin + 17-0-3
Package Sizes 18 lb, 40 lb
Coverage Up to 8,100 sqft (18 lb) | Up to 18,100 sqft (40 lb)

For best results, apply The Andersons GrubOut Plus Lawn Food 17-0-3 before grubs and mole crickets hatch.

If treating white grubs, apply once anytime from April through mid-August.
If treating mole crickets in Florida, apply once from April through early may.
For treating mole crickets in all other states, apply mid-May through mid-June.

GrubOut Plus Lawn Food 17-0-3 must be watered in immediately after application. Do not enter or allow others to enter the treated area (except those involved in the watering-in) until the watering-in is completed and the area has dried.

For treatment around foundations, the application rate is 2.2 to 4.6 lbs. pounds per 1,000 square feet.

For spot-treating ants, apply 1 tsp. to 1/2 cup over, and 2 ft. around each ant mound.

Make reapplications as necessary to keep pest populations under control. Use the higher rate for longer length of control.

The spreader settings for this product were established using standard equipment available from the spreader manufacturer at swath widths and speeds typically used within the industry. Many variables such as walking speed, terrain, particle size, density, and spreader condition can affect these settings. Spreader settings are intended as a guide and unit calibration should still be performed to ensure proper application rates. They are not intended to replace calibration. The Andersons recommends the use of broadcast spreader for its products.

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