Barricade® is The Andersons professional-grade pre-emergent weed control. Containing 0.48% of the active ingredient prodiamine, Barricade® is one of the best granular weed preventers on the market. It can be used on established lawns and landscape beds to prevent over 30 grass and broadleaf weeds like crabgrass, goosegrass, foxtail, lambsquarter, henbit and more.

Barricade® features The Andersons patented Dispersible Granular (DG) Technology which allows each granule to disperse into thousands of micro particles after coming into contact with water. Because of DG Technology, Barricade® can move past the thatch layer of your lawn and into the soil where it prevents the germination of weed seeds.

When To Apply Barricade® - Spring and Fall
Application timing is critical to Barricade® performance. To prevent summer annual weeds in both northern and southern turf types, apply Barricade® in early spring prior to soil temperatures reaching 55 degrees Fahrenheit at a four inch depth. Applying at this time will prevent weed seeds from germinating.

In southern zones, Barricade® can be reapplied in the fall to prevent annual winter weeds like poa annua, also known as bluegrass.

Remember, Barricade® must receive irrigation or light rainfall of at least 0.5 inches for the herbicide prevention to activate.

Barricade® and Seeding
In the same way that Barricade® prevents the germination of weeds, it can also inhibit the germination of turf.

If you already seeded wait 60 days or until after the second mowing, whichever is longer, before you apply Barricade®.

How long you should wait to seed or overseed after applying Barricade® depends on your climate. Refer to the table below for recommended intervals.

Barr Application Timing