The Andersons Surge® Weed and Feed is a professional-grade, four-way herbicide that offers quick control on more than 250 tough broadleaf weeds. The smaller particle size of Surge® Weed and Feed ensures more granules per square inch, resulting in superior coverage and performance. Surge® Weed and Feed's 16-0-9 fertilizer analysis contains both quick and slow-release nitrogen sources. This unique combination provides an almost immediate green-up and extended feeding so you can enjoy a thick, deep green, and weed-free lawn all season long.

Applying Surge® Weed and Feed
Spring and fall applications are ideal for the best control. However, Surge® Weed and Feed can be applied any time broadleaf weeds are present and actively growing.

A uniform broadcast distribution of Surge® Weed and Feed on the treated area is essential. It is also important that the specified application rate for any area is not exceeded. If you have dichondra, carpetgrass, creeping bentgrass, or turf containing desirable clovers, do not use this product.

Sequential or follow-up applications may be required for dense infestations of perennial and biennial weeds. Also, adverse environmental conditions prior or after application may reduce the effectiveness. The treatment interval between the first and second applications should be approximately 30 days. Do not exceed the maximum seasonal rate of 348 pounds, per acre per season, excluding spot treatments.

Surge® Weed and Feed on Established Turf
Surge® Weed and Feed can be effectively used on established turf any time broadleaf weeds are actively growing. See our recommendations below for best results.

- Mow the turf 1 to 2 days before application.

- Water the turf thoroughly, with at least 1/2 inch, 1 to 2 days before application.

- Apply in the morning when dew is present. Or, sprinkle or irrigate lightly (<1/4 inch) before application to provide maximum control.

- Do not irrigate or water the turf within 24 hours after application. Rainfall or irrigation within this post application time frame may reduce the effectiveness.

    Surge® Weed and Feed on New Turf
    When using Surge® Weed and Feed on newly seeded cool season turf, apply only after the third mowing or after the grass seedlings have tilled and have developed an adequate secondary root system. When using Surge® Weed and Feed on newly established warm season turf, treatments should be delayed until 3 to 4 weeks after the sodding, sprigging, or plugging operations, and low application rates (1/2 of the listed rate for established turf) are suggested.