With summer coming to a close, it's easy to relax the attention paid to your lawn. Don't make that mistake! Fall provides the perfect opportunity to set your lawn up both for the winter and the following spring. A big piece of fall preparation is the application of one or more weed control solutions, helping to eliminate existing fall weeds and preventing winter weeds from germinating with their sights set on a spring emergence.

Determining the right product for your lawn starts by identifying whether you have warm- or cool-season grass. Generally, warm-season grasses are found in the south with cool-season grasses typically found in the north. The transition zone, an area through the center of the country, contains both cool- and warm-season grass types. Be sure to consult product labels to ensure compatibility with your grass type.

Southern Weed Control
For warm-season grasses, fall is an excellent time to apply a pre-emergent herbicide (used to prevent weeds from germinating) as well as a post-emergent herbicide (used once weeds have appeared). Many winter broadleaf weeds like chickweed, henbit, etc. can be managed by applying a pre-emergent herbicide such as Barricade® in September with a second application 8-10 weeks later. This will help to significantly limit weed presence come spring. Pay close attention to label directions for application rates. Granular herbicides must be watered into the soil soon after application. Follow label directions as to post-application watering.

Warm-season grasses can be sensitive to certain post-emergent herbicides, but Surge® Weed & Feed 16-0-9 is a safe option. As the name suggests, this product is designed to eliminate existing weeds while feeding your lawn, two things that go a long way to prepare your lawn for winter. Selective herbicides like this one can also be applied during winter for control of annual bluegrass and other winter annual grassy weeds. As with all product applications, be sure to reference the label for application rates, grass-type compatibility, and any post-application instructions.

Northern Weed Control
For cool-season grasses, fall is a great time to apply a broadleaf weed herbicide like Surge® Weed & Feed 16-0-9, a product that feeds your lawn while eliminating existing weeds. This product can be applied as necessary for control of chickweed, henbit, and other cool-season broadleaf weeds, working to get your lawn ready for winter and set it up for a strong start in spring.

Whether considering a pre-emergent application, a post-emergent application, or both, you'll be glad you took action this fall. Preventing weeds is much easier than eliminating them once they've emerged. While you'll still want to apply a pre-emergent herbicide in the spring, a fall application helps to give you the upper hand when spring rolls around, particularly if spring comes early and weed pressure threatens sooner than expected.