The analysis on the outside of your fertilizer bag doesn't tell the full story about what's inside. While the percent of nutrients is important, it is just as important to ensure that all those valuable nutrients make it to their intended destination.

Fertilizers and soil amendments must penetrate the lawn's thatch layer to reach the soil below and be evenly dispersed. Big box and other conventional fertilizers contain large, uneven particles that don't break down efficiently or quickly. These large particles have a greater chance of getting carried off with mowing, heavy rain or irrigation. They may also simply lay on the surface for extended periods of time, providing little to no nutritional value to your lawn. In fact, mower pickup of conventional granular fertilizers is reported to be as high as 15-25%.

Not only do Andersons’ products utilize professional-grade ingredients, but they are made with patented Dispersing Granule (DG) Technology. Upon contact with water, the particles break down into thousands of microparticles that can enter the soil profile and root zone. DG Technology ensures 100% of the applied nutrients are delivered right where you need them, provides even and complete coverage, and eliminates risk of particle pick up from mowers or traffic.


No Mower Damage or Residual Shells
Other brands make coated fertilizers, which are very susceptible to damage from mowers, resulting in premature nutrient release. You do not have to worry about this with DG particles because they do not rely on a physical coating to release nutrients.

Precision Guaranteed
The products utilizing our DG Technology require less watering to disperse. This means that you can cut down on your water bill and be confident that 100% of the applied nutrients are delivered right where you need them.

No Sticky Residue
With DG Technology, you can enjoy a line of products that melt directly into the soil. The result is no sticky fertilizer residue, which can accumulate on lawn mowers and shoes.

Trusted by the Pros
The Andersons’ DG products are used on golf courses and sports fields around the world to create and maintain top quality playing conditions.