The Andersons chloride-free ice melt, Ice Vise®, can be applied in 3 easy steps.

First, check the temperature. It’s best to apply Ice Vise® when temperatures are at or below 32°F.

Next, prepare your area by removing any snow or loose ice that remains on the surface.

Then, fill the handheld or backpack sprayer of your choice with The Andersons Ice Vise ice melt and begin applying. Each jug of The Andersons Ice Vise® provides 2,000 square feet of coverage. Thicker ice formations may require multiple applications.

Due to its low corrosion formula, Ice Vise® can be applied to surfaces such as stone, asphalt, metal ramps, and wood and composite decking. Ice Vise may also be used on concrete or brick pavers as long as they were not installed in the last 18 months.

Ice Vise® not only melts over 35% more ice at -4°F than the leading residential liquid deicer, it also continues to prevent refreezing at -4°F. With more ice melting and penetrating capabilities than the competition, Ice Vise® outperforms.