The chloride in traditional granular ice melts can cause burning and irritation when coming into contact with paws and skin. It can also be corrosive when applied to outdoor surfaces like cement or when tracked indoors.

Get a grip on winter messes with chloride-free, non-toxic Ice Vise, the safest ice melt option for pets, kids, turf, plants, and flooring. And, with its low residue formula, you don't have to worry about Ice Vise being tracked inside to leave behind messy and corrosive footprints on interior floors.

Ice Vise isn’t just the safest option – it’s the most effective. With more ice melting and penetrating capabilities, Ice Vise melts over 35% more ice at -4°F than the leading residential liquid deicer.

To deice surfaces like driveways, sidewalks, ramps, and steps, begin by removing snow and loose ice. Check to make sure that temperatures are at or below freezing (32°F) and then apply Ice Vise using the handheld or backpack sprayer of your choice. Remember, thicker ice formations will require multiple applications.