All-In-One Organic Lawn Repair

Combination Seed, Fertilizer, Soil Amendment & Mulch

  • The Andersons All-In-One organic lawn repair has four key ingredients that will repair bare spots in 2 weeks or less (subject to proper growing conditions)
  • This product is 100% organic and does not include any manures, waste, or animal by-products
  • The coated sun and shade Barenbrug grass seed mix is guaranteed to sprout (subject to proper care)
  • The seed in All-In-One organic lawn repair is a mix of fescue, rye and bluegrass.
  • Includes soil amending Humic DG and BioChar DG to create ideal growing conditions, and the karrikins in BioChar DG help speed up seed germination
  • Includes organic fertilizer for immediate and extended feeding
  • Mulch keeps the seeds and nutrients in place while also maintaining moisture
  • Made in the USA


The Andersons All-In-One organic lawn repair has four key ingredients that make repairing dead or bare patches in your lawn easy; grass seed, soil amendments, fertilizer, and mulch. The coated seed is suitable for use in areas with sun or shade. Soil amending humic acid and biochar help create ideal growing conditions and the biochar helps speed up seed germination. Newly planted areas will receive immediate and extended feeding from organic fertilizer. Mulch keeps the seed and nutrients in place while also retaining moisture. The Andersons All-In-One organic lawn repair does not include any manures, waste, or animal by-products.

Analysis 1-0-0, Humic Acid + BioChar
Package Sizes 12 lb
Coverage Covers up to 180 square feet


Each bag for All-In-One organic lawn repair will cover up to 180 square feet. For best results when repairing bare spots, apply at a rate of 1 cup per 1 square foot. For larger areas with up to 25% turf damage, apply at 1 lb per 15 square feet.

- Prepare soil by removing debris. Once debris is removed, rake the soil to loosen the top layer.

-Spread The Andersons All-In-One organic lawn repair where grass is desired.

- Keep the soil moist by watering daily (twice if necessary, based on growing conditions) until the seed sprouts and reaches approximately 3 inches tall. Mulch will turn a lighter color when watering is necessary. Proper watering is very important.

- Store left over product in a clean, dry place. Reseal opened bag by folding top down and securing.

- Do not mow until new sprouts reach 3 inches in height.

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