Unlike the pebble-sized particles in a typical 10-10-10 fertilizer that can be found at your local hardware store, PGF Balanced™ particles are extremely fine. In fact, the particles are so small, PGF Balanced™ provides more than double the coverage of your average granular fertilizer. Significantly better coverage ensures every square inch of your lawn or garden is receiving the nutrients it needs for an even feeding. PGF Balanced™ is also unique in that it contains all quick-release sources of nitrogen, providing the plant with immediate nutrition. Its formula is also packed with micronutrients and 2% iron for extra-deep greening.

PGF Balanced™ can be used any time during the growing season but is ideal for applications in early spring and fall when high nitrogen levels are not as desirable. Lawns can be established, recently seeded, or undergoing sod installation.

One 18 lb bag of PGF Balanced™ fertilizer will provide up to 5,000 sqaure feet of coverage. For best results, apply to dry foliage that has been recently mowed. When you're done applying, blow or sweep any product from sidewalks and driveways onto your lawn as the added iron could leave rust marks. Then, water your application in thoroughly. If you have left over product, seal the bag completely and store it in a dry, climate controlled area.

PGF Balanced™ Beyond Your Lawn
Lawns aren't the only areas that can benefit from this perfectly balanced formula. PGF Balanced™ can be used in gardens by mixing the fertilizer into the soil while turning or tilling at the beginning of the growing season. You can continue to feed your garden with PGF Balanced™ every three weeks, or as often as needed.

Trees and shrubs in landscaped areas will also appreciate a nutritional boost from PGF Balanced™. For established plants, apply PGF Balanced™ to the base one to two times each year. For new trees and shrubs, work PGF Balanced™ into the soil when planting just as you would your garden plants.