Organic lawn care can be a pain. It takes work trying to find the right products and where to get them, lots of research to see if whatever is in the bag is actually organic, and then keeping your fingers crossed that you’ll see results. The Andersons line of organic products, Lawnbox®, makes organic lawn care easy. We sourced the best organic ingredients and used them to craft innovative formulas that don’t just work — they outperform. Here's how:

Family Friendly
All Lawnbox® products are safe for use on lawns with kid and pet traffic. They are also safe for use around environmentally sensitive waterways, ponds and wells.

OMRI Listed
Grass Genie® 10-0-6
, Lawn Luxe® 7-0-7, Fall Fix™ 5-5-5, and Soil Saver® all carry an OMRI listing. This means that all the ingredients have been reviewed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), a non-profit, third party.

No Animal Waste or Biosolids
Most organic fertilizers today use manure, biosolids and other waste products as nitrogen sources. Lawnbox® use soybean meal and sodium nitrate. Both are natural forms of nitrogen without offensive odor making Lawnbox® more enjoyable to work with.

Next-Level Nitrogen
Lawnbox® fertilizers deliver 2X more nitrogen than most organic fertilizers. These formulas include both quick and slow-release nitrogen ensuring an instant green-up and continual feeding for up to 6 weeks.

Responsible Phosphorus
Phosphorus helps plants develop strong roots but too much of it can get into waterways and cause environmental issues. So, we significantly decreased phosphorus amounts where we could and replaced it with humic acid.

Added Humic
All of the Lawnbox® fertilizers include humic acid, ensuring optimal nutrient uptake and soil health.

If using organic lawn care is important to you, Lawnbox® might just be the solution. Click here to shop Lawnbox® and our other organic product options.