For decades, the industry has faced significant manufacturing challenges attempting to coat nutrients with humic acid. This has resulted in the reliance on blended fertilizers containing granular or screened humates, or separate applications of fertilizer and humic material. With innovation at the core of everything we do, The Andersons developed CarbonCoat™ Technology - a patented manufacturing process to bond fertilizer granules with a humic acid coating.

Humic acid is known to enhance nutrient uptake when applied alongside fertilizers. In traditional, slow-release blended fertilizers, the benefit of the humic is realized immediately following application while the nitrogen continues to release for 4 to 6 weeks after. With CarbonCoat, there's a simultaneous, slow-release of both the fertilizer and humic for up to 10 weeks. This means there's more plant-available nitrogen being delivered during the entire feeding window.

- Mow before applying
- Apply when turf is actively growing
- Apply to your lawn evenly at a rate of 2.25 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft.
- Apply product to dry foliage
- The SGN (granule size) of this product is on the larger side. Water in thoroughly, especially on turf maintained at an inch or lower
- Do not collect clippings for at least one mowing following application to avoid particle pick-up