The Andersons Yeti Rambler 14 oz. Mug


  • Features Andersons logo - makes the perfect gift!
  • Keeps hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold
  • Vacuum-insulated and double-walled to protect hands from hot and cold contents
  • Large enough to use as a bowl for camping
  • Great for coffee, tea, chili, oatmeal and cold beverages
  • Made with kitchen-grade stainless-steel - rust and puncture resistant
  • Mug and lid are dishwasher-safe
  • Sturdy handle
  • BPA free


While keeping your coffee warm and your iced coffee cold, The Yeti Rambler 14 oz. Mug allows you to enjoy your favorite activities without the unknown if your next sip will be lukewarm. No need to worry about burning or freezing your hands on the outside of this mug, either! With its vacuum-insulation and double-wall features, that will never happen again. This mug can also be used as a bowl for contents such as chili or oatmeal, and with its sturdy handle and Magslide Lid, it is the perfect versatile mug.

Topping the mug with the lid and closing the magnet slider will help prevent cooling of the contents.


Topping the mug with the lid and closing the magnet slider will help keep the contents cold. Do not fill with carbonated beverages or use to store food or perishables.

Place mug and lid on top shelf of dishwasher. Magnet slider and rubber seal are recommended to be placed in the utensils basket.

Do not place mug over open flame or external heat source as vacuum seal or other damage may occur.
The magnet slider on the lid is not leak proof and will not prevent spills.
Does not fit in standard cupholders.

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