NutraBlitz Nourish 8-0-10

Organic Hydroponic Nutrient

  • NutraBlitz Nourish 8-0-10 is a 100% organic, OMRI listed water soluble hydroponic nutrients with 6 micronutrients - magnesium, sulfur, boron, copper, iron, manganese
  • Does not contain any manures or animal by-products
  • Ideal for hydroponic applications but can also be used in drip irrigation or as a foliar spray
  • Beneficial to all plants, especially hemp, cannabis, fruit, vegetables, and flowers
  • Can be used in all growing stages
  • Made in the USA


NutraBlitz Nourish 8-0-10 formula is an OMRI listed, organic water soluble plant food. This formula is highly concentrated and contains six micronutrients for total plant health. Nourish 8-0-10 is beneficial to all plants, especially hemp, cannabis, flowers, herbs, fruit and vegetables in all types of grow media. This product can be applied with hydroponics, drip, irrigation, or as a foliar spray. No manures or animal by-products are present in this plant food.

Analysis 8-0-10 + Micronutrients
Package Sizes 2 lbs

Hydroponics Application

Nourish 8-0-10 was designed specifically for hydroponic applications. Refer to the table below for application recommendations. For best results, add desired amount of nutrients into water and allow 1 minute to activate. Mix or stir solution to ensure material is well mixed. Maintain water pH at 5.56.5.

If plants show any signs of stress, reduce the nutrient load.

For a complete nutrition program, combine with NutraBlitz Foundation 2-9-3 organic liquid nutrients.

Drip Irrigation Application

Add the appropriate amount of material to the stock tank. Allow 2-3 minutes for material to activate then agitate. Note that temperature of water will impact rate of dissolution.

Typical weekly nutrient program per acre (0.4 hectare):

Seedlings: 4-8 lbs (1.81-3.63 kg) Vegetative: 10-20 lbs (4.53-9.07 kg) Flower: 6-12 lbs (2.72-5.44 kg)

For Small Garden Areas

For indoor outdoor areas less than 10 square feet (929.03 m2), mix 1 teaspoon (4.92 mL) with 1 gallon (3.79 L) water and apply to the desired area or plant. Using a watering can, apply every 7-14 days while plants are actively growing.

Foliar Spray Application

Add water to spray tank first then add NutraBlitz Nourish to tank, allowing at least 3 minutes for product to activate. Agitate tank prior and during application. Apply by a spray method and in an adequate amount of water that will provide complete coverage of the plants. Apply amounts based on nutrient deficiencies at a rate of 1-10 pounds (0.45 kg) per acre (0.4 hectare) a maximum frequency of weekly during the growing season. If using in a spray program with other materials, please do a compatibility jar test to ensure materials do not react and settle solids.

For Larger Garden Areas

Using a hose-end liquid sprayer, apply every 7-14 days while plants are actively growing.

Make a concentrated liquid by mixing 1/2 cup (120 mL) of this product into 1 quart (1 L) of water (or 2 cups (473 mL) into 1 gallon (3.8 L) of water). Note that solubility is faster with warm water. Allow mixture to settle for 2 minutes while the organic components, activate then stir or agitate the mixture. Pour the ingredients into a hose-end sprayer. Apply mixture at the following rates: 1 quart (1 L) will treat up to 250 square foot (23.23 m2) of garden, turf or other plant area. 1 gallon (3.8 L) will treat up to 1,000 square feet of garden, turf or other plant area.