Broadcast Spreader

  • Professional-grade rotary spreader with heavy-duty, stainless steel frame
  • 80-lb. hopper capacity
  • 13-inch pneumatic tires and wide wheel base provide increased stability and all-terrain control
  • Extra-wide spread pattern and superior accuracy
  • Hopper cover and fertilizer/seed/salt compatibility allow for year-round, all-weather usage


The LCO-1000 Rotary Spreader is designed for lawn and landscape professionals. Featuring a durable, stainless steel frame and an 80-lb hopper capacity, this spreader is built to last. The LCO-1000 can be used spring-fall for the application of granular lawn products like seed, fertilizer, herbicides, and pesticides, and in the winter for granular ice melt.

When it comes to application, accuracy is important. Many spreaders struggle to provide an even spread pattern, often throwing more product to one side or the other. The LCO-1000 offers an extremely wide and precise spread pattern, allowing for fewer passes to get the job done and less worries about over- or under-application. Featuring an easy-adjust settings plate and quick on/off lever, the LCO-1000 makes application easy.

The LCO-1000 features four total grease zerks and quick-open gear housing for easy, tool-free maintenance. The 13-inch pneumatic tires and 21-inch wheelbase is wider than most, providing added stability and control. The LCO-1000 also comes with a rain cover, allowing for application even in less-than-ideal weather.

The LCO-1000 comes partially assembled, allowing for quick setup and application.

Once fully assembled, start by making sure your spreader is properly calibrated using the calibration key provided.

Refer to individual product labels for spreader settings, which differ by product.

Start by making a pass around the perimeter of your yard. Then work back and forth, down and back until the area has been covered completely, slightly overlapping the swath.

Always clean out spreader after use. Check calibration regularly and adjust as necessary to ensure consistent performance.

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