All-Purpose Absorbent

  • All-purpose absorbent providing quick, efficient clean up for spills of all shapes and sizes
  • Perfect for homeowners and professionals
  • Five times the absorption power of clay-based absorbents
  • Easy to use -- just spread, sweep, and dispose
  • Made in the USA from all-natural corn cob -- dust-free, non-toxic, and silica-free
  • Dri-Zorb is available in pallet quantities - There are 120 bags per pallet


Keep Dri-Zorb around the house for all of life's messes. Painting or remodeling? Keep Dri-Zorb on hand to clean up any spills and solidify any leftover paint for disposal. Working in the garage? Dri-Zorb is the ideal choice for the containment and clean up of motor oils, fuels, grease, and other fluids. Handy in the kitchen? Keep Dri-Zorb stocked for any kitchen messes like the spilling of sauces and salad dressings. Dri-Zorb is also perfect for the solidification of cooking oils and greases for disposal. With kids and pets around the house, accidental spills are inevitable. Dri-Zorb will have you prepared for everything from spilled milk to bloody noses. The applications are endless. From wet basements to cat litter boxes, Dri-Zorb can do it all!

Analysis 100% all-natural corn cob
Package Sizes 10 lbs
Coverage Varies based on use


Step 1 - Surround the spill with DriZorb if it is continuing to expand.

Step 2 - Cover the remainder of the spill with DriZorb. It goes to work fast!

Step 3 - Work the product back and forth with a broom or brush until all of the liquid has been absorbed. For stickier materials like paint or glue, use a spatula.

Step 4 - Sweep the product into a dustpan for disposal. Remember, any product not fully saturated can be used again!

DriZorb can also be used with paints, oils, and other liquids to prepare them for safe disposal. Simply add DriZorb and stir, repeating until all of the liquid has been absorbed. Once completely dry, the material is safe to dispose of.

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