The Andersons Season Long® Grub Control

Insect Control

  • Provides season long protection
  • Kills white grubs and mole crickets early, before they damage your lawn
  • Works best when applied before grub and mole crickets hatch but can be applied anytime during the growing season
  • For use on lawns and landscaped areas
  • A single application stops damage from white grubs, japanese beetles, oriental beetles, chafers, asiatic beetles, may/june beetles and black turfgrass ataeunius


White grubs can cause extensive damage to turf by feeding on grass roots. Affected turf turns yellow, then brown, and is easily pulled up in pieces with your hands. Mole crickets can seriously damage lawns by their tunneling activity. Some species also feed on the grass roots, as well. The Andersons Season Long Grub Control prevents turf damage by killing grubs and mole crickets when they are newly hatched and before they can cause turf damage.

This product works best when applied before grubs and mole crickets hatch. The active ingredient will remain in the root zone of the turf until the eggs of grubs or mole crickets hatch. These newly hatched insects are highly susceptible to this product, and are killed before they become large enough to cause turf damage. This product also kills grubs in landscaped ornamental areas containing flowers, ground covers, shrubs and trees.

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Package Sizes 15 lbs
Coverage Covers up to 5,200 square feet

For best results, apply The Andersons Season Long Grub Control before grubs and mole crickets hatch.

If treating white grubs, apply once, anytime from April through mid-August. If treating mole crickets in Florida, apply once from April through early may. For treating mole crickets in all other states, apply mid-May through mid-June.

- Apply using either a drop-type or rotary-type spreader, ensuring a uniform application over the area being treated. Avoid the use of spreaders which may apply the product in narrow, concentrated or uneven bands.

- This product will work best if the lawn is watered thoroughly or if rainfall occurs within 24 hours after application to move the active ingredient through the thatch and down into the soil.

- Avoid mowing lawn until watering or rainfall has occurred so that the uniformity of the granules is not disturbed.

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