Lawn Food 28-0-12

Lawn Fertilizer

  • Get a deep green, thick lawn with The Andersons Lawn Food 28-0-12 - Application 3 off The Andersons Lawn Program
  • Help your lawn stand up to summer heat and stress from increased temperatures and drought
  • Includes quick- intermediate- and slow-release nitrogen for a fast greenup and extended feeding
  • Contains iron for extra deep greening


The Andersons Lawn Food 28-0-12 is Part 3 of The Andersons Lawn Program. A complete fertilizer, Lawn Food 28-0-12 contains nitrogen, potash and iron. Nitrogen promotes the top growth of the grass and produces the deep green color. The Andersons Lawn Food 28-0-12 includes three types of nitrogen, quick-, intermediate- and slow-release for a quick response and then steady feeding for weeks to come. Potash thickens the wall structure of the grass, making it more hardy and vigorous. The iron will prevent yellowing by aiding in the grass' development of chlorophyll. Using Lawn Food 28-0-12 will help your lawn stand up to the increased temperatures and drought of the summer months.

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Analysis 28-0-12 + 1% Iron
Package Sizes 18 lb
Coverage Up to 5,000 sq ft


- Lawn Food 28-0-12 is idea for summer applications.
- Apply to dry foliage
- Water in after application with a minimum of 0.2 inches
- Do not collect clippings for at least one mowing following application to avoid particle pick-up.

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