Corn cobs have been used for centuries for the smoking of meats, fish, and more, but what sets cob-based smoking pellets apart from wood-based alternatives?

Where Do Cobs Come From?
It's first important to understand where the corn cobs required to make these products come from (hint: it's not the half-eaten cobs left after Thanksgiving dinner). Grown on seed corn farms across the midwest, corn cobs represent an all-natural, renewable option for many things, including cooking. Once harvested, the cobs are brought to a manufacturing facility, where they are broken down into varieties, or grades, each defined by size and application.

What Sets Corn Cobs Apart?
While wood-based products have long been the standard for cooking, corn cobs offer a handful of advantages, setting the lesser-known alternative ahead of the competition.

Many are unfamiliar with the use of corn cob smoking pellets, but they are easier to understand than one might think. Put simply, corn cob pellets can be used anywhere wood-based products can be used, with any grill or smoker, and with any meat, fish, vegetables, and more.

The chief advantage of corn cob cooking pellets is the increase in smoke they provide, which works to deliver a deeper, richer flavor. In addition to the superior flavor, corn cob pellets offer a low ash content, which results in fewer cleanouts and less hassle throughout the cooking process. Unlike some wood-based products, cob-based products do not need to be pre-soaked before use.

When flavor and ease of use matter (and when do they not?), corn cob is the choice of beginners and professionals alike.

Introducing Midwest Smokehouse
The Andersons is a major producer of all-natural corn cob-based products, including professional-grade absorbents, abrasives, and smoking pellets. Midwest Smokehouse, our line of corn cob-based smoking pellets, represents the latest of our professional-grade corn cob solutions to be made available to consumers. Now you can grill like the pros!

Featuring flavor-infused corn cob pellets, these products are designed to provide more smoke, resulting in a fuller, richer flavor. Unlike certain wood-based products, which can require soaking for a period of time before being used, Midwest Smokehouse Smoking Pellets are ready when you are. Just grab and go.

Midwest Smokehouse Smoking Pellets represent a farm-to-flame solution, sourced and manufactured in the Midwestern US, and delivered straight to first-timers and grill masters looking to take their cooking to the next level.

Midwest Smokehouse Smoking Pellets are available in three flavors: Mesquite, Applewood, and Hickory. While each variety can be used to cook everything from beef to bread, each has a recommended list of flavor pairings.

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